May 23, 2011

Food Law in India: Is it worth…?

This image is taken from Here
This image is taken from Here
Government may accept National advisory council (NAC) recommendations on proposed food security Law. Food ministry also given a green signal to the recommendations of NAC, despite of the fact that this law may add to its subsidy burden and which also may increase dependence on imports.

This law proposes to provide legal guarantee for subsidized grain to the poor. Ministry is planning to avail 80 million tones of grain for priority and general household at subsidized rates.

In India, we have millions of people who sleep without having food. Unemployment level in our country is on rise. If government cannot provide job to these people, how can government expect them to buy food at a subsidized rate…? Although by the policy, we may increase our foods stocks in our country by importing them from outside, but the main problem still lies…Who will purchase it..? It’s the poor people who are focused in the said law. They were poor and will remain poor unless and until government comes up with necessary steps in order to provide them a Job, a livelihood so that further course of action can be taken………………..

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