November 2, 2011

Filing of a patent in affordable cost

Filing of Patent

Filled by Natural person: Rs.1000/- 
If filed by ‘Other than natural person’ may include a legal entity; it may also include a legal entity and a natural person jointly, then: Rs.4000/-

Specification and Claims

Specification up to 30 pages : Free
Specification exceeding 30 pages, for natural person: Rs.100/- per page
Specification exceeding 30 pages, for other person: Rs.400/ per page 
Claims up to 10: Free
Claims exceeding 10, for natural person: Rs.200/- per claim
Claims exceeding 10, for other person: Rs.800/- per claim


All patent applications filed are published in the Patent Office Journal after 18 months from date of filing .But, there can be a early publication filed in Form 9.
Early publication for Natural person:  Rs.2500/-
Early publication for other person: Rs.10,000/-


Must be filed within 48 months prior to date of application or from priority date.
The prescribed fees for examination for natural person: Rs. 2,500/- 
The prescribed fees for examination for other person: Rs. 10000/- 

  Minimum cost to be payed by a natural person for a patent: Rs.6000/-
  Minimum cost to be payed by other person for a patent: Rs.24000/-

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