June 13, 2011

Free Pass to Advocates to practice any where in India.

From June 15th, 2011, lawyers can practice in any courts,tribunals across country(India), irrespective of their enrollment in any bar council.By the new law, they do not need to transfer license to their desired states.

After 50 years of the enactment of the Act (Advocates Act) , the center has notified the same under section 30 off the Advocates Act, 1961.Section 30 of the Act states: Subject to the provisions of the Act,every advocate whose name is entered in the state roll shall be entitled to practice throughout the territories to which this Act extends--In all Courts, including The Supreme Court.

The Advocates are authorized to practice before any  tribunal,Court or before any authority or person before whom such Advocate is by or under any law for the time being in force entitled to practice. They are also authorized to take evidence in the same manner.

This action of center has meet long pending demands of the Advocates.

                                                         Happy Advocating!!!!!!! 

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