June 2, 2011

No Legal Considerations for Social Networking Users

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This era is of social networking. Social networking is growing day by day attracting from young children to elderly people. It has become more user-friendly by allowing users to post their personal information, photos, videos and other information. This uploading and downloading via internet has increased many manifolds raising copyright issue.  Social networking users don't enjoy any of the immunities granted to social networking sites under the law, so they should be careful to always act appropriately when posting messages or files to the sites. The main areas where users can get themselves into trouble are through the posting of defamatory content or content that infringes on intellectual property rights (copyright, trademark).
Users can be held liable for violation of copyright, defamation/liable (if posted against person/group/communities. As no statutory immunities exist to shield users, the standard laws pertaining to defamation and infringement apply. The user will be held liable, even if the site can escape liability. If a user posts material that infringes on another's copyright, the user will face liability for the infringement.  
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Users must also keep in mind that all social networking sites are asking for verifying age. Providing wrong age and other details also may land users up in trouble. Any fraud or circumvention of these requirements could have repercussions for social networking users in addition to the usual charges of defamation and infringement.
Users always should remember that posting of allegedly defamatory, threatening or indecent messages posted on social networking sites may land them up in trouble.
Think before you Post!!!! 

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